25 thoughts on “30 Minute Practice Routine | Learn & Master Guitar Monthly, May 2013”

  1. Dear Steve, I am practicing everyday from your tutorial for one our(I am in
    session 4). Still having problem in playing without looking at
    strings(like:- Ee, Ff, Gg etc.). Is it normal? am i doing right? or i can’t

  2. I’m teaching my self , And I get the notes easy the Am, Em etc. but I cant
    get the right hand techniques down(Strumming) that is the only thing
    pushing my away from playing guitar, how do I know to do up up down, or
    down up down?

  3. I uploaded a video response to you showing application to learning the
    pentatonic positions you taught me on dvd. Thanks so much! Its a blessing
    to get affordable lessons.

  4. I wouldn’t be enjoying a little long train running impro on my free time if
    it wasn’t for this man. God bless you and your family Steve

  5. I’m honored. Keep the music coming! There’s a lot of music in you. Keep
    striving to get it out! – Steve

  6. Heya Steve, I picked up guitar about 3 months ago and your lessons were the
    first I had ever seen. I just wanna say thanks, your lessons have helped my
    playing come a long way. Cheers

  7. Jez, I’m so glad you are learning. Step by step, practice session by
    practice session – that’s how it goes. Keep up the great work and the
    results will continue to come. – Steve

  8. hey Steve, thanks so much for this. I’ve been in something of a practice
    ‘rut’ for a while and needed some kind of routine and this is great! Also
    what was the song you were playing at the start? It sounded great. thanks!

  9. Steve. You’re my hero. I bought your Learn and Master DVD some years ago.
    It really taught me a lot thanks.

  10. thanks for the video.
    If someone can practice 90 minutes a day, what would be a good practice
    Probably devoting much more time in part 2 and 3 of this routine? or adding
    something more? 

  11. +LearnandMaster Nice video lesson. Keep up the good work!
    Have a great day!
    +Sammy Bones

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