5 thoughts on “#2 SEO Tutorials for Beginners | Keywords and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)”

  1. Appreciate your effort. Thanks for sharing true knowledge. Great video.
    Wish you all the success.

  2. Wow. I finally found this one! This is absolutely great, David. Many thanks
    to you that I have a better learning of what Keyword and Search Engines
    are. You made my SEO life easier. I owe you big time. I will be looking
    forward for another video that you will uploaded. Thank you!

  3. I am new to this but so far after shopping for SEO for several months I
    stumbled upon this series. Every time I ask for these companies to show me
    how to do it they only tell me they will meet with me monthly to explain
    the progress. You have done a great job explaining this for a beginner,
    Keep up the good work for those of us who want to learn and grow and not
    have money flying out of our pockets to pay SEO providers. Thank you sir!

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