25 thoughts on “10 Strategies for Startup Success with Jason Nazar – Startups Uncensored #25”

  1. This guy is Genius. He has even gone as far as to probe and display the
    psychology of the start-up entrepreneur. Very helpful!

  2. Jason Nazar, cofounder of DocStoc, has a lot of good stuff to say, whether
    you are in an online business or not. There are also some good tips we can
    apply in our daily relationships. Worth every minute.

  3. I’ve been falling asleep watching videos of this nature for days. I wish I
    found this first. Thank you for an informative and entertaining video. Nas.

  4. *10 Strategies for Startup Success with Jason Nazar – Startups Uncensored

    Learning from the successes and mistakes of others so that we do not waste
    time “re-inventing the wheel” is a prudent practice for anyone starting a
    business. We can learn what mistakes not to make as well as learn about
    needed skills for channeling personal development goals.

  5. This is a great video on a business startup. Look up my group on Facebook
    where I give free training on business startup. These are step by step task
    that we under go to get your plan right for funding.

  6. Jason Nazar, CEO of Docstoc, shares 10 key strategies learned in building
    one of the most visited sites on the internet that services millions of
    users every month.

    Link provided in the description for the full and uncensored version on the
    YouTube page. (Attorney reviewed documents to save you time and money.)

    Enjoy your Sunday!


  7. Bravo: “Stay attached to the problem you’re trying to solve, but be
    flexible about the solutions in which to solve it”

  8. Let me say thank you from the bottom of ny heart, with all that I AM.
    Though you may probably never read this, just know the last 3-5 min of your
    presentation has changed my life. GO REAL LIFE AWAITS!

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