25 thoughts on “10 MUST LEARN Rock Guitar Riffs! ( With Tabs )”

  1. I think they are Licks right?
    Cause Riffs got to be parts of a song, Licks are just some notes that sound
    good toghether,

  2. Been following you on Twitter. Follow on Pinterest and Google+ now. Love
    all your lessons and have learned a lot of songs thanks to you. Any chance
    you might do a Hendrix song. If so how about a whole song not just opening
    or solo, Thanks, Tom

  3. Hey Bobby! Thanks so much for all that you do! Your such an nice person
    as well as an amazing guitar teacher!

  4. Awesome! I was just thinking how id like to learn some riffs… the only
    place you didn’t read my mind is that I was wanting to learn those standard
    blues riffs that always come at the end of songs (bb king, etc).

  5. your allowed to play 30 sec of anyone, without steppin on toes, do you
    wanna do 29 sec of jimmi? Bobby thanks for all the work and care you put
    into your work here , we love ya,,

  6. Nice lessons… my hand left hand is healing up I”ll have to wait a couple
    more days!

    I”M gonna learn these… thanks Bro

  7. awesome video but could you call the strings out by the letter(note names
    of string) i think it would be easier to follow..just my opnion tho

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