25 thoughts on “#1 SEO Tutorials for Beginners | What is SEO?”

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  4. Just finished #1 and enjoyed it immensely. Looking forward to watching more
    after a good night’s sleep (:

  5. I enjoyed your insights, but you look like a gangster in a black shirt,
    minimum lighting. Who decided on the spokesman? Tony Soprano? Sorry for the
    bluntness, but honest is the best policy

  6. Regarding link juice: If you link to others and they link to you in a
    mutually beneficial way, I consider that to be good link juice that is
    flowing both ways. Of course, these are legitimate links that make sense
    within the context of your business — not spammy/dodgy links. No one
    should ever have been doing this, but I know people did do this in the
    past. New websites should not have to worry about disavowing bad links
    since they will never do this bad practice in the first place. 

  7. Really good information, But yellow pages are Google’s partner now if you
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    One of the techniques to do that is to build quality back links. 

  9. Dose this get ahead or in front the yellow pages sites showing were you are

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